Saturday, March 29, 2008

Entering the Blogger World!

So I have decided to try this BLOG thing out that everyone seems to be doing these days! David has been wanting me to find a FREE website to post my boys pictures on and share with family and friends. So I have been playing around for a few days with the help of one of my coworkers, and I made the plunge into the BLOGGER'S world. I am not a writer nor do I keep journals, but I hope this is a fun way for my family and friends to experience our baby boys growing up through the eyes of their Mommy. So I hope you all enjoy! I will try to keep my blog (that is so weird for me to say) up to date on a monthly basis! Learning to be a working mother of two has thrown me for some challenges in the last couple months, but it is getting easier every day! And I absolutely love it!

Ethan is growing up so fast! Lately David and I have said to each other -We hope we can keep these memories forever! Ethan is talking up a storm! Almost everyday he tells us something and seems to add new words to his vocabulary -- BIG WORDS! David and I look at each other and say -Where did he learn that! He still loves football and baseball! This morning I counted how many footballs we had laying on the floor from his room to the family room- 5 total! Not to mention the 2 bats and at least 3 baseballs! Each night he goes to sleep with one in his bed! Easter was a blast this year! We had eggs all over the house for about 2 weeks! I was really happy to put them all away! Ethan is constantly talking (wonder where he got that from - Ha!) and lately he loves to sing his ABC's. It is too cute!!!

Will is changing and growing everyday! He will be 5 months tomorrow! I can't believe that he has already been with us for 5 months! It really does go by so fast! He has found his feet and loves to pull his socks off! He loves to coo and giggle! It is so sweet to just sit and listen to him coo! We love to hear his sweet sounds! Will is such a happy baby! Everything goes into his mouth! His favorite thing to suck on is his hands! Will has become attached to his little green blanket! He has to fall asleep with it! One of my sweet friends sent it to Will and he loves the way it feels! Lately one of my favorite things to watch is the way Will looks at his big brother, Daddy, or his dog-- Will has the most adoring eyes and they light up with love each time he sees Ethan, David, or Kirby!

Until next time..........