Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Preschooler

I wanted to share with you all just how big my Ethan is getting! He is such the little preschooler now days. Last week at school the three year old classrooms were in charge of chapel. On Monday, Ethan stood on stage for the pledge and the I am Proud to be an American song. Then he lead the school in a prayer! His prayer went a little like this...

Will you please pray with me?

Dear God,

Thank you for Mommy, Daddy, and our teachers.

Thank you for this day.

Thank you for Jesus.

Thank you for Mommy, Daddy, and Will.

In Jesus name Amen. (the last line was said really really fast!)

He was so proud of himself and so was I! During the week his class preformed songs and skits for the school. Ethan had no problem going on stage and preforming! I was so happy that I was able to see him each time his class did something special in chapel. It reminds me why I wanted so badly to be working at the school he was going to attend! I am so thankful for my job and the opportunity to be with him during the day. Daddy even came too! now I have to brag a little more on my little preschooler! Check out his name above and how well he is writing it! He loves to write his name. Every paper he gets his hands on he puts his name on it! If you ask him how to spell it, he will say.... E T hump A N. We are working on saying H! I know this is probably just the preschool teacher in me, but it has been so much fun lately! He is finding E's everywhere... at home, in the parking lot on cars, in books, etc.... He thinks every S is Sharon's name (a girl in his class) and every T is Tyler's name ( a boy in is class). He has started to ask what my name starts with and Daddy's. I am having a blast with him, and he thinks it is pretty cool too! Thanks for letting me brag a little bit!

Girls Weekend

These are "My Girls"! We all meet in college at Louisiana Tech! We try to have a girls weekend at least twice a year. Last weekend we spent the weekend together in Dallas hanging out talking, shopping, eating, and lounging in our pj's. Most of the time when we get together we usually have something to celebrate---wedding shower or baby shower! But this time we just had a girls weekend of talking and lounging around.... so we thought. When we arrived, we found out that Holly W is expecting her first baby in May! So we did a lot of talking about baby stuff and celebrating over her exciting news! We even had one of our newest girls, Baby Bailey, to tag along for the weekend --isn't she the cutest!

I look forward to our girls weekends every year. I probably count down the days until I leave town on Friday afternoon. Yes, it is a treat to be away from home, the husband, the babies, and the responsibilities for the weekend. But most of all it is just so much fun to be with my girls! It is like we pick up were we left off 7 years ago when we graduated college. Even though we are all approaching 30, we are still very close to one another! Aren't they the best looking 30 year olds you have ever seen? There is something special about being with people you can just be yourself and enjoy the time to relax and talk! I am so thankful to have each of them in my life! I love you girls!

Until the next girls weekend....... I am counting down!

This blog was dedicated to Holly W! Because she LOVES it when bloggers blog about other people on their personal blog! Love ya'

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ethan turns 3!

Ethan Bradley turned 3 on October 2! We got to spend the morning of his birthday with our family in Pineville. He had his favorite thing for his birthday breakfast.....donuts! On Saturday, we took Ethan and 2 of his best buddies to Dewberry Farm. They had a blast. The farm was such a neat place for kids as well as Mommies and Daddies! We rode on a hay ride to a REAL pumpkin patch. I think I was the one most excited about the real pumpkin patch! We saw pumpkins in all stages of development...vine, flower, small green, medium yellow, and ripe orange! I love the fall and pumpkins! I felt like I was living out one of the many children's books I read to my students each year during this season! We rode a train, feed goats, ate BBQ, saw farm animals, and had rubber ducky races. I think Ethan enjoyed the rubber ducky races the best! It was a great day, and everyone was ready for a good nap afterwards!

David and I can't believe that Ethan is growing up and is now 3! We are really enjoying this stage of development. Ethan is starting to have the neatest conversations with us and it is so much fun to watch him explore and interpret the world around him.

Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan Bradley! I love you!!!!