Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer 2010...It's A Wrap Folks!

Well summer 2010 is almost over for us. On Monday, I return to work (insert tear here), but Callen gets to go with me for a few days before her goes to the babysitter (insert another tear here). The big boys are in Louisiana for a few days getting to spend some quality time with their grandparents! So here is our summer 2010 in a nutshell....

Had a baby on June 2!

Officially became the only girl in my household!!!

Say goodbye to diapers for one child and added cleaning the floor around the toilet daily to my "To Do List"!

Did alot of this!

And this!!!

Stayed in our pj's sometimes all day!

Took really GOOD naps after Sweet Pea Day Camp!

Took swimming lessons!

Changed alot of diapers!

Played Dress Up!

Learned that being brothers is really sweet!

Learned how to do this!

Played with cousins!

Had a little fun at the spray park!

Adios Summer 2010!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flip Video

So I got this wonderful flip video for Christmas from my hubby. I played with it a lot over the Christmas Holiday and then kind of forgot about it. The hard thing is when I think about using is not charged!! UGH!!!! So I have made a promise to myself to get it out and record the little moments in my life right now that make me smile.... my sweet Will's voice, watching the boys play, the boys dancing (that is something to see!!!), our baby Callen's sweet sounds, and the big boys holding and admiring their baby brother! So for the next to I get a video on my goes nothing!! Hope you enjoy a little of what I get to experience each day...PURE SWEETNESS!!!! Fingers Crossed...Hope it Works!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blog Giveaway

No, I am not giving away anything on my blog! I have no fancy clothes that I do not wear anymore to giv away, or a fancy baby item that I do not use to giveaway, or any fancy trips....but I do however enter in many giveaways on other blogs! I have not won one yet :(

So click on over to...
These are some sorority sisters of mine that have a really cute blog on recipes! I love to read and search blogs that have recipes to share. Messy Aprons and The Pioneer Woman are my 2 favorites at this time. Thank goodness you do not gain weight from reading the yummy recipes!! We have cooked many that we have found! This past year pregnancy was my excuse. Not sure what excuse I will come up with this year.