Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We are Thankful for.......

Ethan is thankful for.....
Luke, my friend
Nathan, my friend and Luke's brother
Sarah, my friend and Nathan and Luke's sister
My super heros
My friend Elle
My baby brother Callen
Mems, Pops, and Kameron
Mammaw and Pappaw
Our House
My new football from Uncle Brad
Callen's stuff

Meet Elle....the topic of MANY conversations at our house!

Will is thankful for....
Silver Surfer that is big from Mc Donalds
You, Mommy
Kennedy in my class
Chicken Nuggets
Pop Tarts
Mems and Pops
Mammaw and Pappaw

Callen is thankful for....
Mommy's Milk
Daddy's Smile
My swing
My excersaucer
My thumbs
My babysitter Tita
My swaddle blanket

Daddy and Mommy are thankful for....
All the above because it's what makes our boys smile and happy!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you eat lots of yummy food, watch some great football (Geaux Saints and LSU Tigers! Beat the Cowboys and the Razorbacks!!!), love on your family, and gets some great deals on Friday!!!!

Thank you God for all our many blessings! We are beyond BLESSED!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turtle Power and Skeleton Bones

Now that you are at the bottom of your Halloween bucket and only the nasty candy is left, I thought I would share my Halloween pictures of the boys! Here is a little view of what we looked like a month ago on October 30, 2010!

This is Amy, one of Will's favorite people in the world! She was Leo the Ninja Turtle just like Will, and we didn't even know it! Will thought it was so cool!

This Makes Me Smile

I have been wanting to display the boys' artwork in the house. The teacher in me really wanted a bulletin board to decorate seasonally, but of course my home decorator (David) would not go for that! :) After a little blog stalking, I decided to copy this from a blog I found. I have no idea who the girl is, but read her blog almost daily (I know you're surprised to hear that!). So thank you cute mom for sharing your new play room pictures with the blog world and giving me a little tutorial on your art display. After my handyman (David)took a little trip to Home Depot for some twine, two hooks, and clothes pins, we have a cute addition to our playroom! And I love it! I guess it is the teacher in me. Can't wait to hang all the cute Thanksgiving/Fall art projects the boys will bring home and the Christmas ones!!!! I am so excited!!

This makes me smile too!

And this......

And this.....

And this......

And this.......

Have a great day sweetones!