Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big Milestones Equal Big Rewards!!

We are on our way to only ONE child in DIAPERS! Yes, Ethan made it to Chuck E Cheese! For the past 6 to 9 months Ethan has been asking to go to Chuck E Cheese. We told him we would take him, but he had to tee-tee and poop in the potty. So this past week we have been working really hard, he DID IT! He would tell you he tee-teed and pooped in the POT! Thanks to Pops who taught him that word! So we kept our promise, and David and I endured a night at Chuck E Cheese! As you can see from the pictures, Ethan was in heaven! David and I are just so happy to only buy one size of diapers and those are the ones that are a smaller size and have more in the box! For now at least!

It is a wonderful milestone, but also very strange to see your baby sitting on the potty! Where did my little baby go?


Uncle Brett and Chrissy came to see us last weekend and to see the Cubs play the Astros. Ethan and Will had a blast with them! I think Brett and Chrissy enjoyed their time with the boys too! We had fun at the game. We had the best seats- 2nd row from first base line. Unfortunately the Astros lost! Brett that one was for you! We ordered for the Cubs to win so your trip to see us could be worth wild! HA! Ethan chanted, " GO BERKMAN, GO BERKMAN" almost the entire first inning. I am so glad the couple seating in front of us thought he was cute!

All in all we had fun hanging out together. Plus it was Will's first Astros game! Even if he slept through about a third of it. Least he can say he saw Berkman up close! I was thrilled about that one!

Uncle Brett and Chrissy come back and see us! We love you!

I Finally Made it to the BEACH!!!!

Yahoooooo! We went to the beach! If anyone knows me well, then you know I LOVE the BEACH! But unfortunately I married a man who is not a beach bum! I have been asking to go to the beach for the past 2 summers. Last summer my parents were going to take Ethan and I, but I was put on bed rest for about a month and our plans changed. So this summer (I really think everyone was tired of hearing me complain about not getting to go to the beach) my parents took me! (and the boys too!) David came on the last day to spend with us and then we had to go to New Orleans (David's favorite place) for a day on our way back home!

Anyway we had a blast! Will loved the sand! Even a little too much. He ate it! We had to watch him closely, but he probably consumed a pretty good amount. Ethan had to warm up to the idea of the sand, but soon it didn't bother him. Since we found him rolling around in it one day! Ethan liked the ocean, but only viewing it from the arms of his Mommy, Pops, or Daddy. Daddy was the favorite because he was high (says Ethan)! His favorite spot was the pool. He was jumping into the pool by the end of our trip! David enjoyed his one and only day at the beach playing with his boys in the sand, but was thankful he only had to for ONE day. Me on the other hand loved the sand in my toes, the salt on my lips, the sun in my face, and listening to the waves! I soaked it all in! But I do have to say a trip to the beach is much different with 2 babies than when you are 17; and the only thing you have to worry about is the tan you are going to get and the magazine article you can't wait to read!

I love the pictures of the boys in the sand. If you look closely, Will has it all over his face and a handful in both hands. Ethan's sand picture tells the story of "I'm not to sure about this stuff in between my toes!"

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Look What I Can Do!!!!!

Today, Will pulled up all by himself! He has been trying for many weeks to pull up, but just hasn't managed to get both feet under himself. Today, we were in his room putting away laundry and of course Ethan had to get in the laundry basket. I left the room to put something away in Ethan's room, and I heard Ethan screaming, "Mommy! Will did it all by his self!" I ran back into Will's room and saw him standing next to the laundry basket with a huge grin on his face! He looked so proud of himself and so was big brother Ethan!! I love how he sticks out his tongue when he is trying to do something. It is like he is thinking or working so hard! Ethan had to get in the action too! He asked for me to take a picture of Kirby and him. When I downloaded the pictures to my computer during nap time, I had to laugh to myself. Because these pictures truly reflect a day in the life of Me..Kandy Bozeman...Mommy of 2 baby boys! It seems I am always doing laundry- folding or putting away clothes, I always have 2 small baby boys at my feet, Kirby is never far behind and usually in the middle of it all trying to chew on one of the boy's toys, and Ethan ALWAYS has a milk cup in his mouth!

By the way... Will turned 8 months Monday! I can't believe it! He is crawling everywhere and still enjoys eating food! No teeth still, but now we can add pulling up on his own to his baby book!