Sunday, January 4, 2009

He is Walking!

Will really took off walking the week before Christmas!
As you can see....he walks with his arms straight out like he has wings!

Will loved the Christmas tree! Mainly the Christmas balls. Every time I looked, he had another one in his hand! I was really happy to pack them all away when the time came. Our tree was a little bare on the bottom because he kept rearranging them!

One of his new words is LIGHT!
So we had many lights for him to point to and say over and over agian!

I have to give a shout out to my friend, Amanda. She made the adorable shirt Will has on!
Isn't she talented! Thanks Amanda. He got lots of compliments on his cute shirt! Now it's time to get started on the Easter ones! HA!

Ice Skating

So if you have read the post about Christmas, then you know that one of Ethan's request of things to do was to go ice skating. He has been asking to go for a while now. David and I could not figure out why he was asking to go. Let's be honest......we both come from small town USA in Louisiana where the only extra curricula activities end with the word ball---- football, basketball, and baseball-- the 3 Louisiana sports! So when our son ask to go ice skating, we are a little confused! Then it hits us...Caillou!!! If you have a 3 year old, then you know who Caillou is! Caillou is not David nor my favorite child! For those of you who don't.....let me explain. He is a cartoon kid on the PBS cahnnel who is bald and whinny! But for some reason 3 year olds are fascinated with him. At least mine is! We think it is because he does real life experiences with his family! And of course he went ice skating! So Ethan finally made it to the rink! He loved it! Much to our surprise! He also got to see a Zamboni (not sure if I spelled that right)! The machine that smooths out the ice. Caillou loves the Zamboni and so does Ethan! David skated with him..which I have to say he did pretty good for a big guy from Louisiana where there are NO ice skating rinks! I love the fact that we are wearing short sleeve shirts at a ice skating rink..only in Houston Texas would you find that! It was a fun day. We haven't signed Ethan up for lessons yet, but we will keep our options open!

Christmas 2008 Part Two

So here are just a few of the many Christmas pictures that Mommies love to take. I have to apologize that some are not turn right. I haven't figured out how to turn them yet! Ethan and his gingerbread house that he made with Daddy at Breakfast with Santa.

Will eating part of the Gingerbread House. He is always eating!

Mommy and Ethan making a picture frame.

Will eating again! This time it is one of Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve!

Ethan's Christmas gift to me-- all of his wonderful artwork from school! He thought it was so cool to have them all hang on the garage door in the house! It was kinda of sad taking them down the other day! But don't worry ...they are safely put away for next year!

Two very cute little boys in their adorable matching pj's on Christmas Eve! David was not a huge fan of the silk pj's, but I am the Mommy and sometimes my word is final!!!!

Christmas Eve night! We are so excited to see what Santa brings!

Leaving cookies for Santa

Eating some of Santa's cookies!

Look what Santa brought.....Our own BOZEMAN SPIDERMAN!

Watch out comes Spiderman on his Scooter! The only thing Ethan asked Santa for was a blue scooter! Santa came through...and brought a Spiderman Scooter! Santa is the BEST!
Will with his toys from Santa! He was thrilled just to get more BALLS!

Christmas morning! Look what Santa brought!

Santa even brings stocking gifts for big kids too!

The Holsomback kids at Mom and Dad's House!

Merry Christmas!

Our cute Christmas Eve outfits we didn't get to wear!
But we did wear them the Sunday after Christmas to church
with Mems and Pops!
I love this picture because both my boys have their sippy cups in their hands!
A true reflection of what we look like most of the time....sippy cups close by!

If you are still reading and looking at this post, then you are my true blog readers! Thanks! Sorry for all the pictures! Hope your family had a very Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year From the Bozeman Family!
Here is to 2009...may we all have Muddy Faith!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008 Part One

Since Ethan has enter our lives, Christmas has always been a big surprise and never boring. For the past 3 years Ethan has been sick on Christmas. When he was one, he had strep throat and broke out into hives on Christmas Eve from the penicillin. The week before Christmas when he was two, he had the stomach virus that never went was passed to David, then me, then my mom (who came to help us), and then Ethan again. When we thought the coast was clear, we headed to Louisiana for Christmas and passed it to my brother Brad, then my grandmother, then my grandfather, then my dad, then my uncle, then my sister (on Christmas morning), and then my niece. We really didn't think we were going to be ever invited back to Christmas at The Holsomback's. So this year I had big plans for Christmas. Ethan was now 3, and he understood the Santa Claus thing and was so into Christmas. This would be our first Christmas to stay home for Christmas morning. After Santa came, we were going to head to Louisiana to have Christmas with the family. I was so excited .....we were going to see Santa in the mall, have breakfast with Santa, had tickets to Disney Live at the Toyota Center, an adult Christmas party for David and I, we were going to go ice skating (per Ethan's request), go to Christmas Eve service at church in their cute matching Christmas outfits, and start our own family traditions for Christmas Eve! BUT..........

ETHAN GOT SICK!!!! Of course it was Christmas and it would not be the Bozeman Christmas if Ethan was not sick!

On Monday, December 14, Ethan had strep throat. He had to stay home from school for 2 days. I thought well at least it's now and not later. Then Friday, he began to cough. And Saturday ..still more coughing. We managed to make it to Breakfast with Santa, but he was miserable! When he napped that day, I started to watch him breath. It was not normal breathing. Needless to say we began talking to the doctor and ended up in the emergency room Sunday. After chest xrays and breathing treatments, we were sent home with medicine. I thought we were much better, but after a follow up appointment on Tuesday I was mistaken. Our oxygen levels were dangerously low, and we were sent to the hospital. It was a very long day, but were able to keep our oxygen levels up on our own by late that night, and we were sent home before CHRISTMAS EVE. He is doing much better! We have what we all think is the start of childhood asthma, but seems that every doctor thinks differently. So we are under close watch for the next couple months!

Needless to say it was a Christmas adventure and plans changed...... no Santa in the mall, no Disney Live, no Christmas party for me, no Ice Skating, and no Christmas Eve service.

But we did have a very memorable Christmas and even started a few unexpected family Christmas traditions! Those seem to be the best anyway- unexpected ones that is!

We had a great Christmas and are so thankful that Ethan is well and doing much better! Praise be to God!

Christmas pictures to come in Part Two of Christmas 2008.................