Sunday, June 19, 2011

Houston Ink in Honor of Father's Day

So they have a show named Miami Ink, LA Ink, and now the newest New York Ink. I do not watch any of them regularly, but have seen a few from time to time. I know the 2 new cast members of a Houston Ink...if they ever decide to create a Houston Ink!

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON! My boys seem to always NEED Ink some where on their body. My rule is it has to be somewhere we can cover it up if need be, but since Will loves tank tops....this summer has not worked in my favor. Of course my boys seem to not wear shirts when we are at home either! (Remember my roots are in Louisiana..we're just rednecks at heart..I guess!)

We have had it all....Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, etc... If they make it, my boys find it!!!

Will is the KING of one liners! I will have to dedicate a post sometime soon just for his funny one liners, but I will entertain you with his newest one.

Will: Daddy, where can I get one of those tattoos that don't rub off like yours.

Daddy: A big person store.

Will: I want one that doesn't come off.

David: Well I don't know.

Kandy thinking to herself: Way to NOT answer that one David!

I knew the DAY would come. I remember a conversation about 10 years ago between David and myself about this very question. Much harder to answer it in REAL Life! Ha!

So in Honor of Father's Day! We love you Daddy! Thank you for being our Daddy and the best Husband Ever!
Will made this cute tie for David in Sunday School.

It has this written on it.

I love my Daddy because...He plays with me.

(He must have a really creative Sunday School teacher! HEE HEE! It's me!)
David is the best. He wore it all the way home and the entire time we ate lunch at the restaurant! So proud! He got many compliments on it while we ate. So cute to watch him and Will when someone would say... "Love your tie!"

To the other Daddies and Grandfathers in our life.... We love you and are so blessed to have you. Thank you for always teaching us, protecting us, providing for us, praying for us, and loving us!

You are the best!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Florida or Bust!

Our summer has officially started! We made it to the BEACH! The boys and I went to Florida with my parents and my sister and niece.

Of course no vacation or holiday for the Bozemans happens without someone being sick. I headed to Florida with 2 boys having a fever. One had the hand, foot, and mouth yuck and the other one..well who knows....just ran a fever for two days. I was a GREAT mom and keep them drugged with medicine and headed to the beach any way! Nothing was standing in my way of getting my feet in the sand and watching the waves! Take that Silly Fever!

We had a great time of playing in the sand, riding the waves, searching for sea shells, swimming in the pool, taking naps, playing in the sand, riding the waves, searching for sea shells, swimming in the pool, taking naps, playing in the sand, riding the waves..... You Get the Point! For 3 full days that is all we did and WE LOVED IT! I think I put make up on ONCE in 5 days! Yippee! Callen loved his first time to God's Promise Land...The Beach! Can you tell I HEART THE BEACH!!!! Of course my sweet hubby does not agree with my other love, but he does allow me to enjoy it about every other year! Thanks to Mems and Pops for taking us on our Summer Vacation! I loved watching the boys play with their cousin and listening to the waves. The best part is the smell of the sand and having my feet touch the foam as it reaches the sand!

A Shark Got Us!

The sun and the wind didn't really help us in the photo shoot!

The grand kids!

Pretty ladies!

The wind and sun came again and messed up our photo shoot! UGH!!

My view for 3 days! Ethan and Kameron in the tube and Will in the sand.

Nothing better than a nap on the beach. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves.

Kameron playing in the sand with a cute little frog!


Cute Beach Baby!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Callen is ONE!

A year has flown by and somewhere along the way I have lost many hours of sleep, but this bundle of curls keeps a smile on my face. Callen is such a squishy baby and I love to hug and squeeze him! Who could resist those cute curls? Not too sure where he got them from and I have no idea how to fix his hair, but I HEART THEM!!!!

We had probably the most low key First Birthday Party for the Bozeman household ever! Which made David's day. One of our family friends had a visit from the stomach bug so they weren't able to come and another family could only stay for a short while. We enjoyed an evening of splish splash in the backyard and some yummy food with two other families. We had a nice evening celebrating our baby Callen.

I found some time to make his invitations with my circut and they turned out so cute! I can't get our scanner to work. So sorry you can't see them, but come visit me and you can look through his scrapbook and find it there!

I had a friend at work paint on the sand pails for the birthday favors. I placed sidewalk chalk inside each one. I thought they turned out so cute. Each one was different. A quick shout out to Ms. Krislyn... THANK YOU for our CUTE PAILS!!!!

I decided to not visit the bakery this year (much to Davids delight!) and instead I made cupcakes. I even decorated them myself! I was quite proud of myself! Not real fancy, but cute!

No Hands Required!
Kennedy enjoyed a cupcake!
Cooper enjoying a cupcake!

We had a great time relaxing and watching the kiddos play in the water!

Watch out! The Mafia might get you!
Miss Taylor with her watermelon! Probably her 20th piece. Love that Girl!
Little turtle with his mommy! Our cute little turtle with his pretty friend, Kennedy.

Cast Update: As you can see Callen's cast is OFF! It came off the day before his birthday party. Check out his new thumb in the pictures. He is doing great using it and participating in his therapy sessions with mommy. I wasn't too prepared for the scar, but Daddy keeps telling me that Chicks Dig Scars! What Daddy doesn't understand is that Mommies do not! I am so thankful for his surgeon and that my baby is doing great!