Sunday, May 31, 2009

Will's 24 year old shirt

Okay Mommy! I will smile this time.

Do you like Will's cute little blue Lacoste shirt? It is a 24 year old shirt! This was my little brother Brett's shirt when he was 2. Brett is now 26 years old! Which I can not believe!!! We brought this shirt home from Pineville when Ethan was little, but sadly Ethan wore it once around the house since Ethan was a little larger than Will at this age. :) David dressed Will in the shirt on Saturday. I just thought he was so cute in it, and I thought it was fitting for him to wear it because he is named after his Uncle Brett --- William Brett! Doesn't look too bad for a 24 year old shirt, uh? Apparently the Lacoste alligator was red back in the day instead of green and must of been a little cheaper too! Because Will's mommy and daddy do not buy Lacoste clothing!

Here are a few pics of Will with his Uncle Brett!

Uncle Brett and Will meet for the first time!

Uncle Brett and William Brett

Uncle Brett with his fiance Chrissy!
Notice Will has his fingers in his mouth--somethings will never change!

Congrats Brett and Chrissy! Can't wait for the wedding!

Baby brothers are the best! I have sweet memories of Brett and I growing up and some not so sweet ones as well! :0 Will reminds me a lot of Brett when he was younger ---they both are dare devils, they both love to cuddle and were so loving as babies, ball was both of their first words, Will loves dogs just as much as Brett did when he was younger, and who can resist their blue eyes! Brett you grew up way too fast, but you will always be my little brother in your Superman cape! Love you!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I Do......

Ethan and Will dancing the night away!
Mammaw and Pappaw
David's Parents
Will and Pappaw

3 Generations of Bozeman Boys

This weekend we traveled to Kyle, Texas for David's cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception. Ethan and Will enjoyed dancing and playing baseball on the dance floor. We had a great weekend visiting family. The only problem was I didn't take a picture of the gorgeous bride and groom!
Congrats Jessica and Jame!
Your wedding was so sweet and so much fun!
The Bozeman Boys had a blast! We love you!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hair cut Saturday

Will before the hair cut!
The sweet hair stylist entertained him with bubbles before getting started! Very clever of her-- the only problem was he cried because he wanted to hold the bubbles while she cut his hair!

Will during the hair cut!

Will's 1st Hair cut!

And of course the minute his fingers

we out from under the apron--they went straight into his mouth!

Ethan's Before Shot

Ethan's new hair cut!

I was excited about this Saturday. There wasn't much in my planner for the family to do, but to take care of a few haircuts. Ethan was in desperate need of a hair cut as evident from the crazy hair day we had this week at school for spirit week, and my sweet Will was long over due for his 1st ever hair cut. I have been putting Will's 1st hair cut off for many weeks now. Mainly because I just didn't want him to loose the little baby face, but once the teenagers at church told me that it was getting to look a little like a mullet-- I then decided I should bite the bullet and make the appointment. So Hair Cut Saturday it was!
Even Mommy got a hair cut--just not at the kiddie salon!

Crazy Hair Day on Spirit Week at school!
Evidence #1 of why Ethan needed a haircut!