Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Daddy ..... Goliath

One of our favorite things about summer is VBS. Our church puts on a play each year for the children. This year we are learning about King David! Our David (Daddy) loves to be in the play each summer! This year he is Goliath! Which he was thrilled about! Ethan was very proud of his Daddy, but a little worried when the young boy made his Daddy fall with the sling shot! Ethan kept saying, "Why is he not getting up?" Ethan was most impressed with Daddy's big knife (sword)! I love the picture where Ethan is looking at David's shoes! He had custom made platforms!!! Ethan even tried to put them on in the dressing room!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Messy Eater!!!!

I have never seen any child eat the way Will does! I really am not sure how much he is consuming! He is the hardest child to feed! Will loves to eat, but also loves to take the spoon and eat it, smear the food everywhere, chew on his fingers while he eats, and snort food up his nose. You thought snot was hard to syringe out of a baby's nose try syringing out peas or carrots! I have been asking my mom if this is normal and she would just laugh at me! Well .....she, my aunt, and cousin saw first hand this weekend just how hard it is to feed Will! They were quite entertain! Maybe by his first date he will learn proper table manners! Oh how I hope this is just a phase!
But he sure is cute after a bath!!!!

Popsicles, Visiting Cousins, Baseball Games, and Running Through the Sprinkler EQUALS Summertime!!!!!

Summertime has begun in the Bozeman's household! The Houston HEAT might be the first clue! The second clue would be how we stay in our PJ's and play all day long! The third clue would be that we (Ethan mainly) eat popsicles everyday! Popsicles are Ethan's new found love! He gets to have one or two after nap each day. He tries to eat them for breakfast, but Mommy has not given into that request yet! The fourth clue is that our TV shows are reruns, but we don't care because we get to watch the Astros almost every night! We can't wait to go to Minute Maid park and see them play! The fifth clue is that it is a good thing that we have to water our grass on a daily basis because it is free entertainment for my son! Ethan loves to run through the sprinklers and doesn't seemed to mind that he is fully clothed with tennis shoes and all! The sixth clue would be that we get to visit our family in Louisiana. We went home this weekend to see our family, and Ethan enjoyed playing with his cousin Kameron! For the past two days he has talked about Kameron and told me Kameron can do that Mommy or Kameron said that Mommy!

We love the Lazy Days of Summer!!!