Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

New Lunch Box, New Shoes, and New Uniform......It must be the first day of school!

The first day of school for both Mommy and Ethan

Ethan's first day of preschool was a success! His favorite part of the day was when his class measured how tall they were. He proudly told Daddy and Mommy he was 45! The tallest in his class! We finally figured out he meant 45 inches! I guess it is not hard to imagine, but he is the tallest 3 year old and biggest 3 year old in the school. Someone even thought he was starting Kindergarten! We'll be there one day...but for now we love being 3!

By the way Mommy's first day went well too!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ahhhhhh Summertime!!!

The end of summer is officially here. Work is in full swing for me, and Ethan's first day of preschool will be on Wednesday. We had a great summer together. We made lots of fun memories and had many adventures. I on the other hand did not finish the famous "summer to do list." Where did the time go? I decided to do a little quick review of what our summer looked like. So here it goes......Always time for a Popsicle!

Many fun play dates at the indoor Playscape

Swinging like monkeys at the Playscape

Will hanging out at the pool. This was his new pose for
the summer. I have him in many different activities with the same pose!

Picnics in the GARAGE!
You know you live in Houston during the summer
when you have to have a picnic in your garage.
Note: This is lunch and Will is still in his PJs! Gotta love summer time!

Fun times at the pool!

It is not a summer if you do not visit the
Famous Buccees at least once!
Where else would there be a huge bear outside of a
convenient store!

Will's first movie!
Ice Age number ?
He sat there and ate popcorn out of my lap the entire time.

Will the handy man!

Mommy and Ethan a little crazy from the long road trip to Iowa!

It was a little chilly in Iowa on our mission trip!

Will sneaking a quick snack while sitting in the pantry.

Visiting Papaw at his cool new home!
We even put on a little dance show for
Papaw and his friends.
Riding the big bus to camp at Uplift!
Ahhhh Nap Time!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Clothes Required......

As I was downloading my pictures from our visit in Louisiana last week, I noticed a common factor in many of my pictures of the boys. They did not wear clothes the entire time we were there. Seriously! I have many pictures from different days and they all look the same! What is it with little boys and their underroos? Will enjoying a Popsicle on Mems and Pops' back porch in just a diaper!

Will eating his favorite thing (and mine too!)

Donuts from Harlows!!!! The best place in the world!!!

Notice no PJ bottoms that morning!

Boys digging for treasure in the backyard.

Just underwear on this treasure hunt!

Another day.....another Popsicle treat!

Just underwear!

Sweet Brothers posing for the camera....a rare moment!

Again.....No Clothes!

The boys playing dominoes with Uncle Brett.

Notice Will came to the game without shorts.

Ninjas fighting the fruit flies

Peek A Boo! I see you!

Is that not hilarious documentation! Don't worry...I also got a picture of each boy doing what little boys do best...using the outside bathroom! Ethan frequent the back porch and Will tried his best, but just didn't succeed. I also have a cute one where they played fire fighter with the water hose, but my fire fighters came armed without a special suit! I saved those pictures for that special day when they are 15 and I want to show them how cute they were when they were little. Plus I didn't think the blog world needed to see their cute tooshes. Sorry! But I have to admit they are priceless!

The Invasion of Fruit Flies

We spent last week in Pineville visiting Mems and Pops! We had other visitors as well......Many fruit flies invaded their home. The grandkids went to the garden to pick veggies and fruit with Mems and Pops, but they also brought back some new family members with them. We tried so hard to get rid of them. Every morning it seemed as if they multiplied while we were sleeping. So we got on the Internet to find a quick fix.....Below are our attempts. It really became very funny as the week progressed because each day we introduced a new trap!

Our first trap.....syrup and honey on a plate....did not work!!
Uncle Brett's Trap
Fruit in baggie with hole.....
Did not work
Internet trap.... Bottle with funnel and tomato
WORKED!!!! Took several days to catch them, but it was success!

My Ninjas Fighting The Fruit Flies!
They would run around swatting at the flies.

Bye Bye Fruit Flies!
Thanks to my Facebook Friends who gave me many great suggestions.
Never knew fruit flies were a household problem!