Thursday, April 14, 2011

High SIX!

Callen was born with an extra thumb on his right hand. In medical terms it is called preaxial polydactyly. Doctors say there is no real reason why. Just happens and does happen frequently in many births. Callen's extra digit was a little special with a joint and bone. So because of this it could not be taken care of at birth, but instead he would require surgery. Of course being the mommy, I had wondered what happened during pregnancy to cause this. What did I do? That is the question I have asked many times. When we had our first visit with Callen's hand surgeon, I asked do you know the cause of this. I have read and researched it and of course it is not heredity and there are no other abnormalities associated with it. The doctor answered my question by saying that the hand and finger buds are formed before the 6th week of gestation. Which made me have goose bumps when he told us that. How many of us even know we are pregnant before 6 weeks! Reminded me of how precious and miraculous the beauty of life is. God is so awesome and powerful! Because the formation of the hand happens so early during gestation the research is very little and cause is unknown. Some say it might be caused by a virus the mother might of had during pregnancy. The fact is we don't know why or how our sweet baby was born with an extra little thumb, but what I do know is he is special for more than one reason and I love that little thumb! My favorite thing is to kiss it! We have nicknamed it Hook and of course he gives High Six instead of High Five! One more extra is always better, right?

Callen loves to suck his little Hook! Check out Callen's "Cool" thumb!

We made a little ink hand print of Callen's hand to have for a memory. Don't worry, I used a non toxic ink pad!

So the day came when our little baby boy would have surgery to remove his extra thumb. Like any mommy, I was anxious and worried about my baby going to surgery. We were in great hands (no pun attended) and at one of the best hospitals. This was my first experience with Texas Children's Hospital. It is a cheerful place with children everywhere, but in many ways so sad. I was so anxious and stressed over my little one's surgery, but when I looked around the food court and witness all the children with so many "other" sicknesses....I was so humbled, thankful, and reminded just how blessed we are.

My mom and mother-in-law came to be with us on the day of surgery. I was so thankful for their presence. What a lucky little buddy to have such wonderful grandparents! My mom has stayed all week with us to help with Callen. I am also a lucky daughter! Friends came to visit us while we waited, called, and texted us. Prayers were said on our little baby's behalf all day. What a blessing to be surrounded by the Lord's family and cared for by so many!!! Thank you! We are so grateful and love you all!

Callen's surgery was a success from the words of his doctor. He was in surgery for about 2 hours. 2 hours that seemed like 24 hours for this mommy! He is now the proud owner of a very BIG red cast. This should be an interesting 6 weeks! He had some trouble coming off the medicine in recovery, but after about 4 hours in recovery we were able to come home. Nursing has been interesting, but with every time we get a little better. The cast is just so big and heavy. He looks like a lobster with a claw when he crawls. I just hope he doesn't figure out how to use it as a weapon on his big brothers! I will keep you posted as we unveil the new thumb!

In his Texas Children's PJs!

Hugs as we wait to go in! A little playtime as we wait.
Hugs and kisses from my grandmothers!

Not so happy on the car ride home!
All smiles showing off his new cast today!