Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

My two little batmen pose for a picture under the Christmas

tree in their CUTE Christmas PJ's!

We spent the week before Christmas in Pineville with family.

And yes know you're in the south when you get to play in

a big pile of leaves on December 22nd!
We love our new "motorcycles" from Mems and Pops!

Making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Eating a little sugar as we decorate!

Our cute gingerbread men for Santa.

Putting the cookies and "water" out for Santa.

Water was Daddy's idea...I wonder why!!!

" And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care"

One last look at the Wish Book on Christmas Eve.

(AKA..really the Target sales magazine)


Blocks, Robin and Motorcycle, Mc Donald's cash register,

transformers, walkie talkies, Cd's.... and more

Let the toy madness begin!

He brought us rubber boots!

And more things to write on..... Plus a cute lap desk!

Our annual Christmas Day Family Photo on the fire place.

And it isn't Christmas without the Holsomback family stocking picture.

This year there were no underwear to be found in our stockings, but only cool Saints shirts!

And yes..the big boys of the family think they are so funny with their stockings!

Some boys will never grow up!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving To Do List

1. Travel to Pineville, Louisiana for the week....CHECK
2. Play in the leaves with my boys and my niece.....CHECK
3. Attempt to take a family picture for the Christmas Card...CHECK (but not sure if it is the one!)
4. Go to the movies to see NEW Moon..CHECK
5. Eat Chicken and Sausage Gumbo...CHECK
6. Bake a Pumpkin Pie and a Sweet Potato Pie....CHECK
7. Run in the Turkey Trot (well I walked and David ran!)...CHECK
8. Eat YUMMY food for Thanksgiving Dinner X2....CHECK
9. Play a game of CLUE with my niece (and WIN!!!)...CHECK
10. Go to Natchitoches to see the Christmas lights....CHECK
11. Eat Meat Pies....CHECK
12. Go to the movies to see The Blind Side...CHECK (GREAT MOVIE!!! MUST SEE)
13. Eat Harlows donuts for breakfast....CHECK
14. Watch the Tigers beat the Razorbacks....CHECK
15. Spend lots of QUALITY TIME with family....CHECK
16. Clean my house.....
17. Start shopping for Christmas.....
Well there is always next weekend, right?

We had a great time over Thanksgiving break in Louisiana! Much needed R&R! As you can tell I think I ate most of the time!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dynamic Duo

The famous Dynamic Duo!
Batman and Robin live at our house!

Trick or Treat Mrs. Ami and Mrs. Heidi!

The boys had a blast trick or treating at church this year!
Eating the candy was the best part of all.....and not just the
boys enjoyed the CANDY! Mommy and Daddy's tummies are full too!
We are all about Superheros at our house!
Capes and mask are worn daily!

My TWO year old baby!

Our little October 30th Pumpkin turned TWO!!!!

Will at a day old on October 31, 2007

Our sweet Will at 6 months!
Will eating cake at his 1st birthday!
Our two year old cutie!

Will and Ethan about to blow out their candles.
(Excuse the scary monkey smile on the cake.
That was the biggest grill I have ever seen on a monkey!)

We are this many..... 2 and 4!

Will enjoying some pizza on his birthday!

Will and his terrible two shoes!

Will has been so much fun lately! He talks up a storm. I have no idea where he got that from! :)He loves to say thank you and your welcome. The cutest thing is when he says excuse me! Will loves to play and is constantly making houses with pillows and blankets. Not to mention he is the cutest two year old I have ever seen! We love you Will!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


It finally came! Ethan turned 4 yesterday. He has been counting down the days. I guess 4 is a big deal! I just can't believe that I am the Mommy of a blonde haired 4 year old boy! 4 is probably my most favorite I am sure that we have a year in store for us! On Tuesday, a big box arrived at our house addressed to Ethan Bozeman. It has been a fun week trying to keep him out of the box, but finally Friday came and Ethan was able to tear into the box!
Birthday Breakfast-- Eggs and Sausage-- at Ethan's request! So funny how your kiddos can be so different from you! I would have asked for a big hot cinnamon roll with lots of icing! Oh Well-- Eggs and Sausage it was! Plus many smiles and bed hair! I have to apologize for the following pictures! You know your birthday morning is a lot like Christmas morning--gifts do not wait for you to get dressed-- you understand! So you are going to see the true Ethan- Superman pj shirt and batman underwear! What can I say! We are truly a little boy house only!

The anticipated Batman house! I am pretty impressed with this fisher price batman house! As we speak now, Ethan sits quietly in the family room playing.

Time to get inside the big birthday box from Mems, Pops, and Mamaw! Little brother got to help too!

Ethan's loot! Look at that smile! Couldn't get any better!

Birthday Chapel at school. Such a sweet memory! The night ended with pizza, a high school football game, and 2 friends! Being 4 years old is tons of fun!

Monday, September 28, 2009


This Saturday was probably one of the busiest Saturdays ever for us. I have always heard of the families that run from one event to another. I have always thought --I hope that is not us! Well after Saturday's scheduled--- I am exhausted!

7:00 a.m.- 9:30 a.m. 5K/Children 1 Mile Run Fundraiser for our school
11:00 a.m.- Opening Ceremonies for Fall T-Ball and Team Photos
12:30 p.m.- Ethan's FRIST T-BALL GAME
2:00 p.m.- Work Swim Party Fundraiser for our school
2:00 p.m. David and Ethan leave for Louisiana for David's Meat Pie Triathlon on Sunday
What a day and a CRAZY Schedule! We had a busy day at school for our 1st Make a Difference Fundraiser Day and to top it off it was Ethan's first ever baseball game. We were fortunate enough to have all the events at the same park. Here are some pics of the baseball game for the Grandparents. Ethan did great. He had two at bats and hit the ball on the first pitch! He was so excited. I was thrilled to see how well he listened and paid attention in the infield. Not too bad for the youngest on his team! I can't believe that on this Friday he will be 4 years old!
How time flies!

Ethan finishing the Children's 1 Mile!
Daddy "ran" it with him after he ran the 5K
earlier that morning.
Will participated too!
David pushed him in the jogging stroller for the full 5K!

Ethan in ready position on third base.

Ethan at bat for his first ever Baseball game.

He hit the first pitch thrown to him and made it to 1st base!

Ethan standing on first base after his first at bat!

Cute baseball player in the dug-out!

"Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play!"

Ethan's Fan Club!
Some of our friends were able to come watch Ethan hit for the first time.
They came over from the Kick Ball Tournament at our school's fundraiser day.
I think they just wanted to sit in the shade,
but Ethan smiled BIG when they screamed his name!
Our little baseball player

Proud Mommy and Daddy!

Little Brother says it all---

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who says Make-Up, Jewerly, and Playing House are for GIRLS ONLY!!!

You know those Moms that just think their child is the cutest ever and of course their child does EVERYTHING better than your child--- well I really would rather not be one of those moms! But for once I am finding myself being THAT MOM!!! You will all just have to endure it for a few seconds while I tell you about the most PRECIOUS 22 month old little boy in the world!!!

Will has been so much fun lately!! He talks up a storm and repeats everything you say. He is totally into playing with cars and lining up toys. When he wants you to look at what he is doing he will say, "Mama" really loud over and over again.

Well lately Will has filled my Baby Girl needs, and I am totally loving it! Don't tell David I am writing about this (he will never find out because he DOES NOT read my blog). He would be mortified. I went shopping in the best place ever --Charming Charlies-- for a necklace and earrings to match a new outfit that I recently purchased. Will joined me for the outing. He had a blast wearing all the bracelets. Every time he saw something he liked he would say, "That one!" I was teaching him to say, "How pretty!" He would repeat it after me! All the ladies would smile and giggle at him! It was so much fun!

The other morning one of my fantasies came true! I had my very own make-up artist. Will likes to play with my make-up while I put on make-up. Lately he has been putting on powder with his fingers. He thinks it is lipstick and will put it on his lips! He asked one day to put it on me. So I let him! We had a blast. David on the other hand rolled his eyes.

The cutest thing in the world is how he plays house and rocks the baby. I caught him playing house with my Willow Angels the other day. (By the way I now have a few broken ones!) He was saying mommy and daddy has he lined them up. He would hold one of them and "rock the baby." He rocks everything (cars, flowers, weeds, teddy bears, etc)! While he rocks them he says, "Rock the Baby!" It is the sweetest thing in the world! I think Will learned this from cradle roll at church! He will be the best Daddy ever and make one lucky girl very happy especially if he rocks the baby at 2:00 am in the morning!

Rocking the baby

This is the Daddy and this is the Mommy

OK! So that is all for my Annoying Mom moment! Thanks for letting me share (if your still reading at this point!). But isn't he just so ADORABLE!!!!