Monday, April 28, 2008

The Feeling is Mutual!

David took this picture of the boys one afternoon while they were playing on the family room floor! I love the expression on Ethan's face! This is the way he looks each time he talks to his baby brother! Will lights up every time Ethan talks to him! He also watches Ethan's every move! Today, a lady behind me at the cash register in Wal-Mart asked me if Ethan liked his baby brother. I told her yes. He actually adores him. After we got in the car, I thought about what she had asked me and realized that Ethan will always be the big brother Will looks up to. It actually brought tears to my eyes when I thought about them growing up together. May you always look to each other with the same happiness and joy in your eyes that you hold in your eyes today.

Thank Heavens for SWEET Little Boys!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Come Little Ducklings.....

I was at a restaurant not to long ago with some friends and a family of ducks walked up to us on the patio while we were eating. I have never in my life seen so many baby ducklings at once with one Mommy. Ethan was so excited to see them and was not at all scared. He walked right up to them. I was amazed at how they all watched their mother and how they responded to her. When she decided that it was time to leave, they all gathered around her and followed her away from the patio. If only my little ducklings (at school and at home) would listen to me this well---it would be so awesome! Isn't nature a beautiful and amazing site to see. God is truly beautiful! Hope you take a moment soon to enjoy God's beauty around you!

One of my favorite children's book is- Little Quack by Lauren Thompson. She has a series of books about a young duck named Little Quack that are all so precious. The pictures are priceless and the story is so cute!!! Check it out and read it to your babies! They will love them and so will you!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Mornings

Don't you just LOVE Saturday mornings! This morning was just perfect! Ethan was in such a great mood! He loves to help get Will out of his bed when Will is ready to wake up! Ethan's new thing is to ask Will - "Did you have good dreams?" It is the sweetest thing. I was able to capture that moment today on my camera! I know that one day I will have to remind Ethan of how sweet he once was to his little brother, but for now I am going to enjoy every moment of harmony I get!!!

David and I made a pack with one another that this Saturday we were CLEANING the house TOGETHER! So he let me sleep a little longer this morning and when I went into the kitchen he was already cleaning! It was such a wonderful site to see! While we were cleaning this morning, Ethan found David's boots and started walking around in them! I think every little boy has a picture with their Daddy's boots on! He was so proud that he did it by himself! He proudly told David- "I did it all by myself!" Too cute!!!! Also while we were cleaning this morning, Will decided to roll all over the family room floor. I would put him on the blanket and when I returned to the room, Ethan reported to me that Will was off his blanket! Last night, Will rolled from his back to his stomach! I of course did not get to see the first one! I have not yet seen either of my children roll over for the first time! Once he did roll over, we all three sat and watched him for about 30 minutes waiting to see it again! I am sure he thought, "why are these crazy people standing over me with those silly grins, and what are they saying?" HA!!! Apparently, Will enjoys rolling around! He has been content to do it all morning!

I LOVE Saturday mornings! Hope you all stop and enjoy a Saturday morning with your family soon!