Monday, May 30, 2011

Kindergarten Here We Come!

Last Thursday Ethan finished his last day of Pre-K! He is now a kindergartner, and I can't believe how fast the last 3 years have flown. He no longer will be under my wing on the preschool hallway. He his so excited to go to the Elementary hallway! I have included a few pictures to take you down preschool memory lane!

First Day of Pre-K

Last Day of Pre-K

Very First Day of Preschool

Our backpack lasted 3 years! I have promised him a brand new Kindergarten one for next year!

Ethan has grown so much and is learning and changing everyday. Recently he has learned how to tie his shoes. He is so excited. I have to admit. I am not as thrilled as him. It takes us double the time to get out of the house. He insist on tying them himself! Takes great patience for me!

He is sounding out words and starting to read. Lately his new found interest is drawing super heroes. I have found all different kinds of super heroes on the back of school papers in his backpack. Reminds me so much of my little brother who used to get in trouble in Kindergarten for drawing Superman on the backs of his papers. I have promised Ethan we will make a book this summer of all his super hero drawings!

So I guess he is ready for the promotion to the new hallway. Kindergarten here we come, but first we'll enjoy a few months of summer!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Redneck PJ's

Ok, so I will laugh with you about my new pj's!

Ok! Now you can stop laughing at me!

I am a mommy who loves kids pj's! It is a pretty bad obsession. My big boys have 3 drawers full of cute pj's with trucks, sports balls, dinosaurs, and superheros on them. Callen has almost 2 drawers filled himself with the same. One of the neat things about having all boys close in age is that you can pass down clothes for several years. You would think this would decrease the amount of pj's in my house. WRONG!! It seems that in our house they have multiplied by 4!

When Callen had his cast put on, we had to get a little creative with his attire. It's a good thing it is the warmer months of the year because he is getting to wear all the cute little jon jons that I love and fun little tank tops! But when it came to pj's I didn't know what to do the first night. If you haven't noticed his cast is HUGE! I mean could they of found a bigger one! Nothing fits over that thing! I could not bring myself to cut any of our cute little pj's (and I had many to choose from that I could have cut)... so a little white t-shirt had to do. We found four little white t-shirts in the bottom of Will's drawers (that I think where Ethan's at one time, but not totally sure!). We cut one arm hole out of them and a few white onesies and there you have it.... REDNECK PJ'S!
Each night he has his pick of a white tee and any cute bottoms we can find in his drawers.

Not sure if Callen should ride his four wheeler down to the local Wal-Mart or be the newest cast member of Swamp People! But one thing is for sure... he is the cutest little redneck baby I have ever seen!

Cast Update: We have now had 2 new wraps and a new color. His pin decided to "back out" and come through the cast. So that was taken out this week. He didn't even cry. Just sat there and watched the doctor the whole time as he very slowly pulled the pin out. Mommy did great too! We have 2 more weeks with our "club" and then it is off! We are heading to the pool the next day for a fun time of splish splash! Hopefully the chlorine in the pool will remove the stinch from his hand and fingers!