Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm on a Hurrication!

Because I have been out of school/work now since last Friday and will not return until Monday.....I feel like I have been on a Hurrication!

Top Ten things I have done on my Hurrication

1. Create 3 digital scrapbooks using Picaboo and much fun you must try!

2. Go on daily wagon rides/walks with my boys.....the weather has been wonderful!

3. Plan our family Halloween outfits...we are going to be Pirates and Will is our Parrot! 2 cute!

4. Plan Will's first birthday party.....The Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme because he is ALWAYS still HUNGRY!

5. Go shoe shopping for Ethan..... I thought because of the Hurricane the stores might be vacant and that was Stride Rite had clearance shoes!

6. Box up Will's newborn size clothing and get the 12 month old clothes out of storage.... my baby is growning up way to fast!

7. Feed the ducks at the pond with the the way where do the wild animals go for shelter during hurricanes?

8. Go to the park with the boys!

9. Enjoy visiting with the neighbors outside while Ethan plays in the cul-de-sac with the neighborhood children......again the weather had been absolutely a dream!

10. Wash our sheets....pretty sad, but unfortunately it does not get done as much as it should while I am working

I guess these are all things stay at home moms get to do on a weekly basis. I on the other hand have enjoyed my week pretending to be a stay at home mom and will be glad to return to work on Monday. Don't get me wrong...I love being with my babies, but I also love my job and makes me a BETTER MOMMY!

So until the next school holiday.............

Monday, September 15, 2008

We survied IKE!

We survived Hurricane IKE! I just wanted to let you all know that we are safe and sound after a very scary and rough Friday night. We are so blessed to have a safe family and home. Thank you to all our family and friends who have called, text messaged, and prayed for us. We are safe! God is SOOO GOOD!

We chose not to evacuate, but that decision might be different if we ever have to experience another visitor like IKE. I had the camera all ready to document Hurricane Central at the Bozeman house, but of course I was a little busy keeping 2 little boys entertained so I took NO pictures. We were definitely Hurricane Central. Our dinning room looked like a Red Cross station-- equipped with flashlights, water, batteries, can foods, box foods, ice, etc.... Our suitcases were packed at the front door. I even have a new use for our master closet....a fourth bedroom! Yeap! It was quite the adventure....we had our futon mattress set up with pillows and blankets not to mention the food, flashlights, weather radio, laundry basket full of toys, DVD player, IPOD, water, medicine, bottles, and sippy cups. So for the entire Friday night and early Saturday morning David, Ethan, Will, Kirby, and I "camped out" in our closet! It was an interesting night. The boys did not sleep at the same time! Ethan asked many times for his bed and coughed all night long. (Probably from the dust in the closet--who cleans their closet?) If Will could talk, he would have asked for his bed too. Instead he just gave me this look--like PLEASE put me in my BED!

The wind was horrible, and the house made some very strange noises! Our neighbors and us text messaged each other the whole night. We did lose our everyone else in Houston. In the middle of the night David and our neighbor were outside trying to take most of it down so it would not hit the house. I told him just go around and kicked the rest down (I really want a new fence)! He didn't, but no worries IKE took care of that for us! In the morning we were relieved to see not much other damage. Just a lot of debris everywhere. David and I were pooped. The boys on the other hand were sound asleep-- of course!!!!

We have had electricity since about 6:00 am on Sat. We are very fortunate. Our sweet friends Courtney and James have been staying with us with their 3 month old baby girl since Sat around 10:00 am. They still have no power! I know you have probably seen the news and what is left of Galveston. It is really sad. Houston and the surrounding areas look like little tornadoes just landed everywhere. People are hot and hungry. We delivered our extra ice to a few strangers yesterday on the side of the road. They had walked to the gas station and were putting gas in their car. They were so grateful! They looked so hot and tired. Ethan wanted to know who they were. We tried our best to explain it to him. After our explanation, he wanted to go give Popsicles to the people. So we went back to HEB to the line of people we saw waiting for ice to hand out our Popsicles. When we went back the line was gone. HEB had ran out of ice and everyone was gone. I was so glad we were able to create a teaching moment for Ethan during a not so wonderful time.

All in all we are so blessed to be safe, cool, tummies full, and with our family. We have no school until Monday. David is working off and on. Mainly taking care of business from his phone. Please continue to pray for our friends in the Houston area who are dealing with challenges. Please pray that trucks can arrive soon with food for grocery stores and power is restored to stores and homes. The Bozeman pantry is starting to look a little bare. Our friends that are staying with us have "moved" in their food. So we are OK for a few more days, but after that we need to go shopping!

Thanks again for your prayers and concern for us! We are so blessed to have such caring people in our lives! Have a great day! GOD is so GOOD!