Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ice Skiing

At the top of the mountain on one of the slopes.

David and me on top of the mountain.
The skiing girls on our first morning before we hit the slopes!

Some of the skiers from Sugar Grove!

David and me on the ski lift....MY FAVORITE PART OF SKIING!

I'm back!!!! David and I had a great time skiing. I was a little nervous that it would take me a while to get the hang of skiing again...it has been eight years since I have been snow skiing. When we first arrived at the ski lift, I made David go with me on the bunny slope and the bunny lift. We probably looked strange getting on this tiny lift chair surrounded by many little skiers. I found out that it was like riding a bike...no problem. So off we were to enjoy the powder and the mountain.

Only one problem.....their was lots of ICE which turned into SLUSH by the afternoon! I have never been Spring Skiing. I think it might of been colder in Houston on some days than it was there. On our last day it was 60 degrees! You should of seen what people were wearing to SNOW SKI! I guess they thought since the sun was out and it was HOT then lets get a tan while I ski on this ICE! I was a little disappointed by the weather! I love colder weather-- which really doesn't make since why I live in Houston! But anyway...I wanted to wear my sweaters, mittens, and scarfs! It was chilly at night so you could really pick out the tourist (especially me) on the town strip. I made sure I was bundled up so I could wear my winter stuff that I never get to wear in Houston. The town was really cute and very much a mountain town. We had a great time and hope to go back soon. I will just pray for LOTS of snow before going!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bye Bye Blog World

Bye Bye Blog World!!!!! Don't worry...it's just for a short period of time.....one week!
I am off to Red River, New Mexico tomorrow for Spring Break. David and I are going skiing with the youth group from church! I can't wait! I am a little nervous....it has been since 2000 that I have been on skis. Hopefully it will be like riding a bike! I am excited and thrilled to be in the snow for a week and to be able to view some of God's beautiful creation!

As I write on my blog this very moment, my house is strangely quiet! There are no little boys running around or a little doggy sitting next to me in the computer room. I am all alone! Not really sure when it was the last time that I have been completely in my home alone! All 3 boys are in Louisiana with Mems and Pops for a week! I almost can not stand the quiet! Hurry home David!

I will miss the blog world this week, but am excited to find quiet time with my Lord in the mountains! So long for now.........

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eight Months Later

This is David and Kandy 8 months ago at his 30th birthday dinner at Benihanna.

9 days before David and I went on a diet.

This is David and Kandy eight months later at Benihanna having lunch! Much better, right? We have made a healthy life style change of eating better and exercising! David has lost over 70 pounds and lets just say Kandy is 4 pounds away from her goal! A lady never tells her actual weight gain or lost, right? I have made it to the size pants I wanted to be in! Yeah! I am so very proud of David. Doesn't he look great?

David's parents came to visit this weekend, and we thought it would be fun to take them to eat at Benihanna. We retook our fat picture! We even sat in the very same spot in the restaurant.

Pooper Scooper

This is one of the MANY benefits for having children, especially BOYS! I have my very own pooper scooper! Ethan enjoyed his Saturday morning job of finding all of Kirby's treasures in the backyard and putting them in the yellow bucket! Gotta love a little boy who thinks poop is GREAT!

This is Ethan with Kirby when Ethan was about 5 months old!

This is one of my favorite pictures of them!