Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

This post is for the grandparents. I thought these pictures of Will reading his Valentine's Day cards were too cute not to share. He was pretty impressed with his Valentine's mail. And doesn't he look soooo cute in his diaper and socks. Gotta love a baby in nothing, but a diaper! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweethearts. Mine surprised me with a date and a movie on Friday. He even arranged the babysitter. Let's just say he earned major points this weekend! I LOVE my SWEETHEART!

Give Me Some Sugar

On Valentine's Day, David ran his first 5K. It was a windy and chilly morning, but the whole family cheered him on. The boys had a great time watching the "race!" David did a great job and is looking forward to running a 10K next time!

On your mark, get set, GO!
And they are off! Can you find David?

The back of David crossing the finish line.

Ethan watching the race and eating some
of his Valentine's candy. He has enjoyed PLENTY
of Valentine's candy this weekend.
Will watching the race. He is such a big
boy now! But still my baby!

Our homemade sign we made for Daddy!

Way to go Daddy! We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lions, Tigers, and Bears....Oh My!!!

Ethan and Will playing in the rocks at Herman Park.

Mommy and Daddy enjoying the family picnic.

Ethan and Will riding in the wagon at the zoo.

The Giraffes

So I did it! We took the boys to the ZOO on Saturday. Many of you might not even know this about me. My mom, sister, and David know this about me, but probably not many others---I CAN NOT STAND THE ZOO!! It smells awful, the animals look so miserable behind the bars in what is supposed to be a luxury home for them, you have to walk and walk and walk, it is hot (least the zoo's around my neck of the woods), and the animals are always sleeping or just sitting there--- what is FUN about that!

It is pretty sad that my 3 year old has never been to the zoo, but that is no longer the case. I pumped myself up with great thoughts of spending the morning walking around looking at animals playing, running, etc.... Well, I saw some of that. Mainly they were just sleeping. Ethan and Will had a blast-- which is what matters most, right? Ethan loved the giraffes, elephants, and monkeys. I might add they were the only big attraction animals that were doing something when we saw them-- they were eating! They others- bears, tigers, lions--- were sleeping and scratching themselves-- really!!! Will loved watching the animals and pointing to each of them. He had the best ride the whole day-- he got to sit in a wagon and have someone pull him around and right up to the animal's cage. I have to admit the orangutan was pretty cute (well if really ugly can be cute)! His name was Rudy. He sat with his face right up to the glass and there were several little kids putting their faces right up to the glass. It was very cute to see. I would have taken a picture of my child doing the same, but many kids were just camera hogs and were there FOREVER. And I might add that their parents stood there and allowed them to sit there forever while other children were waiting their turn. So no picture for Ethan, but he did LOVE the Big Monkey!

After the zoo, we went to Herman Park and had a picnic lunch together. They boys loved playing in the rocks, and David and I just loved sitting there watching them play. The weather was great and it was such a peaceful afternoon. We rode a fun train around the park after lunch. They boys even got their own train whistle. We have since lost Ethan's, but Will has done a great job of sharing is slobbery one with his big brother.

I enjoyed the day with all my boys! It was fun being together and watching them experience new adventures. I just pray my next visit to the zoo is not any time soon or maybe I will just send David with the boys-- that's a GREAT thought!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dear God,

I just wanted to share a little story of Ethan's latest milestone. Since the beginning of school, I had this goal to pray with Ethan before we entered the school building. Well, sometimes I remembered and sometimes I forgot. For the past month, I have made it a ritual. At the beginning Ethan would say, "No I don't want to!" Mainly because he would rather be running through the doors to find his friends. Then he started to remind me to pray. Well, this past week I no longer am the one who prays. Ethan has stopped me every morning to say, "Lets pray Mommy." He puts his little face down on my console between the driver seat and passenger seat and has the most sincere conversation with God. The first time I sat there in amazement and listened with my eyes open so I could paint this memory in my mind. He remembers each important person to him and totally understands what he is praying for. Daddy to be safe driving to work. Will to have fun at Tee-Ta's (the babysitter). Mommy to do a good job at work. And last but not least....For him to listen to his teachers and share with his friends.

Granted this is a summary of what I had been praying for with him, but I am so amazed at the fact the he GETS it and understands what he is asking for. For the past two days, he has stopped me in the middle of our errands while we are in the car and has said, "Mommy let's pray." He then begins to talk to God. It is the cutest and sweetest thing ever! At night before supper he will sometimes pray for the family before we eat. He has many times prayed for us to have fun playing the Wii, for him to go to Mems and Pop's house, for his friend to come over and play, and for Will to eat his food. David and I just have to try our best not to bust out laughing! I wish that I could bottle up the sincerity he feels when he has conversations with God so that I can spread a little bit of it later on top of his head when he is older. For now, I stand amazed at the faith of a three year old and wish with all my heart that I can be like Ethan one day!

Thanks for letting me share!