Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Are My Sunshine

Mems (my mother) came last week for Ethan's Grandparents' Day at school. He was so excited to show her around his classroom. His grade level sung, "You Are My Sunshine" at the program. Ethan is the sunshine on the front row sitting on his knees. He has been practicing for awhile. We had to reschedule Grandparents' Day because of Hurricane Ike-- so you can imagine how many times David and I have heard this song!!!! Which is quite ironic because when he was a baby, we would sing this song to Ethan to help him fall asleep! Brings back sweet memories! Every once in awhile Ethan will ask to be rocked. He will say, "Sing to me!" He is still our baby deep down!!!!

Grandparents' Day was a hit for both Ethan and Mom. She checked him out of school and they spent the day together. Mems is defiantly a special sunshine in Ethan's life and as you can imagine Ethan is a BIG sunshine in Mems' life! Ethan's other grandparents could not make the trip because of work, but we can't wait for next year's Grandparents' Day!

Thank you God for wonderful Grandparents!

Just wanted to share Ethan's first school picture with you all!

Isn't he so handsome? Must take after his Daddy!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar Turns ONE!

Will turned ONE on October 30, 2008. We had a Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party this past Saturday to celebrate. Check out our huge caterpillar cake! It was adorable, but way bigger than I expected or ordered! Needless to say our party guest received one very big slice!

The party was a big hit! We made butterflies, played with bugs in the sand table, crawled in tunnels like caterpillars, and even had story time! Party guest received their own cocoon with a special surprise inside when they left. We also sampled some Very Hungry Caterpillar food! If you are at all familiar with the book, then you know that the Very Hungry Caterpillar eats many things, but is Still Hungry. Well, our very hungry caterpillar Will is always Still Hungry. So this theme was just right for him!

I had a blast planning the party! I know David was probably thinking this is just a bunch of nonsense for a baby who does not know what in the world is going on and will not remember this party ten years from now. But his mommy will and for that we planned BIG! I am not sure if Will's favorite part of the party was the Very Hungry Caterpillar giant balloon that his Daddy made him or the yummy birthday cake...... which ever he enjoyed his day and so did Mommy!

I was very emotional about Will turning one. This took me by surprise because I did not have these emotions when Ethan turned one. I can't believe that one year has already past, and Will is no longer my infant. I have enjoyed every midnight feeding, every smile, every coo, every diaper change, every footed outfit, every spit up cleaning, every diaper bag packing, every bottle cleaning, every moment the baby monitor has spoken to me in the middle of the night, every pumping session, every milestone reached, every bath time, every bump on the forehead, every cry, every highchair cleaning, every tiny sock lost in the dryer, and every lullaby sung at nightime in the rocking chair. Thank you God for giving me these memories. They will all be treasured because a year really does fly by way to fast!

Happy Birthday Baby Will! We love you!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ahoy! Mates

Happy Late Halloween from the Bozeman Pirate Family!

We were pirates for Halloween and we even had our very own parrot! Will was precious in his homemade parrot outfit. David made the costume! He is quite the Susie Homemaker sometimes! Ethan was very excited about Halloween this year. Probably because he now understands you get candy, but he was also very excited to dress up like Daddy. We had a blast trick or treating at our church's annual Treat -N -Trunk.

Now the big question everyday from Ethan is..... Mommy, can I have just one piece of my candy?My answer is...Yes, but I get to choose!

Yesterday he asked me.....Mommy, can I have one piece of candy when we get home and I get to choose? So for yesterday only...he got to choose!

Until next Halloween............we are already thinking of our family costumes for next year!

This is what you do after you come home from trick or treating..... You are to full of candy and to wired to go to bed... so you play in your costume (or half of it) till you drop in your bedroom! Will was so cute crawling around playing with his parrot tail still attached. I tried my best to get a picture of his tail. This is the best one I got. He is just to fast and will NOT be still for just a second!

Fun memories!