Saturday, October 3, 2009


It finally came! Ethan turned 4 yesterday. He has been counting down the days. I guess 4 is a big deal! I just can't believe that I am the Mommy of a blonde haired 4 year old boy! 4 is probably my most favorite I am sure that we have a year in store for us! On Tuesday, a big box arrived at our house addressed to Ethan Bozeman. It has been a fun week trying to keep him out of the box, but finally Friday came and Ethan was able to tear into the box!
Birthday Breakfast-- Eggs and Sausage-- at Ethan's request! So funny how your kiddos can be so different from you! I would have asked for a big hot cinnamon roll with lots of icing! Oh Well-- Eggs and Sausage it was! Plus many smiles and bed hair! I have to apologize for the following pictures! You know your birthday morning is a lot like Christmas morning--gifts do not wait for you to get dressed-- you understand! So you are going to see the true Ethan- Superman pj shirt and batman underwear! What can I say! We are truly a little boy house only!

The anticipated Batman house! I am pretty impressed with this fisher price batman house! As we speak now, Ethan sits quietly in the family room playing.

Time to get inside the big birthday box from Mems, Pops, and Mamaw! Little brother got to help too!

Ethan's loot! Look at that smile! Couldn't get any better!

Birthday Chapel at school. Such a sweet memory! The night ended with pizza, a high school football game, and 2 friends! Being 4 years old is tons of fun!