Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Mother's Day....Take Two!!!

So sorry for the blog absence! I have heard from my loyal readers (that would be just about 2 of my dear friends) that I need to get with the program and post something. I guess so. My last post was in March! Yikes!!!

Well Mother's Day has gone and past, but of course a national holiday at the Bozeman's house would not happen if someone was not sick! Will became ill the Friday before Mother's Day and by Saturday night we were certain he had the Hand, Foot and Mouth virus. He was pitiful and miserable! On Mother's Day, I spent the entire day holding him on the couch. No Mother's Day restaurant meal for me or even a shower! I did however brush my teeth! I guess that is what Mother's Day is all about! A mommy would hold their baby any time on any given day. My own mommy came to the rescue and stayed with us during the week to take care of Will while I returned to work. Mommies are one of God's greatest creations!!!

So this past Sunday we celebrated a belated Mother's Day. I had lunch at my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, and enjoyed a weekend of scrapbooking in the comfort of my own home while it stormed outside.....Total Bliss to ME!! I have to say I am totally caught up on both boys scrapbooks and even completed (with out pictures of course) my little calendar scrapbook for my sweet baby boy #3! That makes me SMILE BIG!!!

My Mother's Day gift has been growing in my front yard for about a month now. David has worked so hard to get our yard and flower bed beautiful (of course I stood and directed!!) Beautiful it is!!!! Flower gardens are one of my favorite things, and David has become the little garden guy lately! I love it!

Baby Post to come very soon! Promise!!!!! Only 2 weeks from this Tuesday...Yikes!!!