Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Card

This is the first year in 10 years that I have not mailed a Christmas Card to our loved family and friends! (Insert sad lip here!) I sat down to make them one evening (like 2 nights ago) and David said, "Really!" "You are going to spend the money on the cards, stamps, and they probably wont get them in time for Christmas!" "Besides they end up throwing them away a couple weeks after Christmas."
I argued with him for a few minutes and tried to convince him of my perspective. I love getting Christmas cards this time of year and displaying them in my home. But when it was all said and done...He was sort of right! There I said it! I agreed with him! So you will not receive a Christmas card in the mail from The Bozeman Family this year, but don't worry.....Because below is the cute picture that would of graced your mailbox this year!

May your Christmas be BUBBLING over with wonderful memories!
Merry Christmas from The Bozeman Family
Ethan (6), Will (4), and Callen (18 months)

PS: I will be printing one to put in The Bozeman Christmas Scrapbook so the boys wont think their Mom was lazy in 2011!


Karla and Edmond Long said...

Haha!! That is SO something I would do...print just one to go in a scrapbook. Glad you saved yourself some time and money! Merry Christmas!

Lauren said...

LOVE it!

Brett and Chrissy Holsomback said...

Well you tell David that Brett and I still have every Christmas card you've ever sent us! lol Brett even saved the ones of just you, David, and Kirby. (We may just be hoarders of cards though)