Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not so springing of a Spring Break

This week is our spring break, and I was so looking forward to really not doing anything at all, but what I wanted to do. Just getting a few things around the house done, taking the boys to the rodeo, and maybe a little shopping. But of course when children are involved your plans change.

This weekend Ethan fought off a fever, and by Monday morning I decided we would go see the Doctor to nip this in the bud. I didn't think my Monday would turn out the way it did. Our appointment was at 11:40, and we did not get home until 5:30. We had 3 breathing treatments, a round of oxygen, trip to hospital for chest x-ray, and a long wait at Walgreens for our medicine. A very late lunch at 2:30 and no nap! All of this with our two year old brother and pregnant mommy! The two year old brother was a trooper and did great, the pregnant mommy on the other hand needed her nap and food! At the end of the day I was thankful we did not end up in the hospital where the doc thought we were headed. We finally were able to keep our oxygen level up on our own and were sent home with orders of staying inside for a few days and having more breathing treatments every 4 hours. Thank you asthma for visiting this spring break!

On a better note...the new rooms in our house are coming together.
The boys moved in together and they love it. Nighttime is a little chatty for the first 30 minutes, but I am guessing the newness will wear off soon. I love their new beds. We haven't finished the decor in the room on the walls and are still getting their new shams monogrammed with their names on them. Here are a few pictures for you to see what it is looking like.

The playroom is coming along. Still have a little more to do, but the boys are enjoying the space and so am I!

After a very long day yesterday, a little surprise arrived at my door. Thank you UPS man for making my day. David surprised me and bought a "hall tree" for us that I did not know about. I really like it! Now I have to decided what to put in the baskets.

Mems' room (aka guest/office room) is coming along as well. We still need to put things on the walls, but all in all I think David did a good job!

One bright side to this week is I will be going to Shreveport for my girls weekend on Friday, and I can't wait! Bring on the Girl Talk!

Ethan's new boots that he just HAD to have. He picked them all out by himself. I just hope they fit next year for the rodeo. Bless his heart. He will not be going this year!


Karla and Edmond Long said...

absolutely precious...the boots!! We've had the sickies over our spring break as well. I think he's just teething, but night time is just not fun at all. I guess I am thankful that I'm not having to go to work as a zombie!

Mindy said...

I can't wait to see you too! I think its crazy -- I almost bought that comforter for Mason, we have that train table, and Mason has those identical boots! Too funny! Hope Ethan gets better soon and be careful driving in this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love all the changes and I love the pics especially the three little munchkins that are in most of the pics. Can't wait to use the "Mems" room!
Love ya'll

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Well, it's just "that" time of year. I'm sitting here typing while doing a breathing treatment myself. My asthma is really rough right now. Hang in there, Ethan! You root for me, and I'll root for you. And OH.MY.GOODNESS = Grant has the same green boots!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Oh, forgot to mention that this is our first Spring Break in three years to stay in town since the last three SB's have been spent in ER's and ambulances due to asthma and low blood sugar. It was my plan to break the Kilgore Spring Break Curse by staying here. I think it worked. But, I feel your pain, girl. For some of us though -SB is just the right time for our asthma to act up. Talk about bad timing! It's not too fair.